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МячикOur Tanya crying loudly:

Dropped the ball in the river.

Quieter, Tanechka, don't cry, the ball not sink.

Writer: Agniya Barto





БлиныEverywhere Pavlik honor: Paul bake pancakes.

He had a conversation in the school, said, opening the notebook,

How much soda, how much salt, how much oil you need to take.

Proved that instead of oil, can take and margarine.

Decided unanimously: he spoke.

Who said such a speech, can bake pancakes.

But, comrades, in a hurry, you need the house to save more soon.

Where you have a fire extinguisher?

Smoke belching from under the door!

And the neighbors say: pancakes burn!

Oh, when the matter came to disgrace our hero.

Nine pancakes burned, and the tenth of the pancake was crude.

Speak easy it difficult to bake pancakes!

Writer: Agniya Barto



БычокBull goes, bobs, sighs on the go: - Oh, Board ends, now I will fall!

Writer: Agniya Barto








ЗайкаThe woman threw a Bunny, Bunny remained in the rain.

Bunny could not get down from the bench, all wet to the bone.

Writer: Agniya Barto







Lena Barbie doll. Beautiful dress was worn on the Barbie. It was green. It was the Golden lace. Golden shoes were on the doll. The dolls had brown hair. Lena loved to play with Barbie doll. Barbie knew how to cook and swim. Barbie loved dancing. Barbie liked to walk in a store and walk.







ГоркаWinter holiday

Winter holidays came. Our family went to rest at ski resort. We arrived in cozy house. The house was on the mountains. Beside him were fine pine. Snow lay on the pine branches. In the morning we went to the mountain skiing. We had fun.







БелочкаMasha and squirell

Once there was a girl. Her name is Masha. One day, Masha went to the forest for mushrooms. She met a squirrel in the woods. Squirrel helped her gather mushrooms. Squirrel led her to the shore of the lake. On the shores of lake Masha saw chest. In the box was a lot of good things. Masha decided to thank the squirrel for the gift. She brought a basket with mushrooms. Happy Masha went back home.






ЛодкаPetya and the boat

Petya woke up early in the morning. He decided to make a boat of paper. Petya was building a boat three hours. The boat was big and beautiful. Day Petya went off to play with a ship. He dropped it in the Creek. The boat floated on the waves. He sailed far away. The ship sailed to the lake. The ship began to sail on the sea.




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